Poltava State Medical University

Poltava was founded by Slavic Siveryan in the IX century, located on Ivanova mountain. The structure of Poltava consists of 25 districts, 5 cities of the regional submission, 21 towns, 1854 villages. In the city of Poltava, there are 315 thousand people. Poltava region is situated in forest zone. Forests zone mainly cover 7.4% of territory region.

Poltava Region is basically known for iron core extraction, oil and natural gas, Diamond tools, turbines, leather footwear, refined clothes, grain, sugar, Vegetable oil etc. Engineering industry, food industry, light industry, production of construction materials are the topmost brand in the city of Poltava.

Whatever agricultural production of the region is consumed in Ukraine as well as exported to other countries. Poltava Region is the leading Gas-Extraction region in Ukraine. About 40% of Ukrainian gas and tons of oil and condensate are extracted in Poltava region.

Climate of Poltava Region is Continental and temperate. The average temperature in January is 6.8 degree centigrade according to long-term observations. Summer climate is warm & dry. The July is the hottest month in Poltava. As the temperature rises to 20.9 degree centigrade above zero.

There are a lot of historic and cultural monuments, leisure activities and entertainment places in Poltava. Also, the Poltava is famous for its hospitality from time immemorial. The Poltava city is more than 12 hundred year old perceiving more beauty and shines every year.

About Poltava State Medical University

Poltava Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy started its operation in 1921 with faculty of Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, the university is moved to the city of Poltava and named as Poltava State National Medical University.

In 1994, the Poltava Medical Dental University received the accreditation of Ukrainian Medical Dental Academy. About 4000 students are studying in this academy. Out of them, 1200 are the foreigners from 42 countries.Training is conducted for medical and dental education.

The Poltava State Medical and Dental University is one of the highly ranked University in Ukraine providing quality Medical and Dental Education for undergraduate students. From the year 1999 to 2009, academy published over 710 educational benefits receiving 106 patents of Ukraine and Russia.

Ukrainian Medical and Dental Academy (UMDA) has started teaching its students in accordance with the Bologna Agreement using credit modular system.

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