Medical Teams Joins Author of Strong Girls, Strong World to Advocate for Girls’ Health & Well-Being

(Portland, OR) October 10, 2023 – Medical Teams International, a global health and humanitarian relief organization, is joining people around the world and the United Nations to mark International Day of the Girl on Wednesday, October 11. Medical Teams has partnered with Dale Hanson Bourke, author of the new book, Strong Girls, Strong World. Together, Medical Teams and Bourke are sharing stories of girls and young women around the globe who are overcoming difficult conditions to strengthen their families, enhance their communities, and positively impact the world.

The aims of the International Day of the Girl, according to the United Nations, are to promote the empowerment of girls and fulfilment of their human rights while also highlighting the challenges that girls everywhere face. Medical Teams frontline workers meet girls and young women every day who are full of promise and potential, in spite of living in challenging circumstances and under-resourced communities. The following are just a few of the young women that have amazed Medical Teams’ staff with their strength, heart, and determination.

Ukraine: Anastasia

Anastasia, 17, is a confident young woman whose home in a small Ukrainian village was destroyed early in the war. She now lives in a university dorm in Izmail and attends rehabilitation sessions which, along with medical services, provide care to those who are working through the physical and emotional pain the war has caused. Anastasia has adjusted to life in the shelter with her grandparents. She has new routines now that are quite different than before. She has made new friends and is proud of the way the residents support one another.

Uganda: Esther

Esther, 26, is a devoted nurse based in Nuguruwe Health Center II in Kyangwali settlement in Uganda. Her hard work is motivated by the losses and challenges she has experienced. She witnessed her ill sister’s medical needs being ignored before her death, and it left her determined to be present and focused on others to make a difference in this profession. Esther has saved patients’ lives through her responsiveness. She is also dedicated to supporting Medical Teams’ work to improve health education among communities.

Colombia: Narcisa                                                                        

Narcisa, 19, is a volunteer with Medical Teams. Growing up in Venezuela, opportunities were few and Narcisa watched her four brothers while her single mother worked. She came to Colombia on her own because conditions were so difficult in Venezuela that there was nothing for her there. She knows that volunteering to spread health messaging in her community is going a long way toward improving the health of her neighbors.

Ethiopia: Letish

Letish, 23, is a housewife in Tigray, Ethiopia, a part of the world that has been in conflict for several years and where it is thus a difficult place to obtain health care services. Letish was diagnosed with a very serious case of mastitis, or infection in her breast, which caused pain and swelling. Medical Teams helped her to receive a treatment of antibiotics. Since receiving care from Medical Teams, Letish has seen improvements in her health and in that of the community, including access to malaria medication and safe childbirth options.

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